How to build a calling app?

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We Want to create a Video and audio Calling app, how we archive this using Zoom SDK?

Hi @seekex019,

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First off, it would be great if you could provide us with some more information:

  • What platform are you planning to use? Web, mobile, desktop?
  • What software language will you be using?
  • Are you wanting a custom video/calling app, or would you like to make use of Zoom’s meeting features?


Hi @alexmayo
Thanks for quick reply.

We planning to use mobile and web both.

We are using “Kotlin” for android and Node for Web.

We want to a custom video/calling app with one to one, not meeting features.


Hi @seekex019,

Since you’re wanting to use a custom UI with custom call/video features, I recommend the Zoom Video SDKs. These SDKs enable you to create a completely custom application with your own interface and features.

For mobile, you can use the iOS Video SDK and Android Video SDK. The Android SDK is currently only documented for Java, however it should still work with Kotlin, providing you import all required dependencies.

For web, you can use the Web Video SDK.

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Hi @alexmayo ,
One More thing,
Create Meeting API has a daily rate limit of 100 requests per day. Therefore, only 100 Create a Meeting API requests are permitted within a 24 hour window for a user.
How to increase this limit for my app ?


I didn’t think you wanted to use Zoom’s built-in meetings for your app. If so, then you’ll need to use different SDKs.

The 100 requests per day cannot be increased. However, it’s important to note that it’s per user. So, if you have two users under your account, you can make 100 requests each, so 200 total.


Hi @alexmayo ,

How to add a webhook with video sdk? I want to implement a webhook after every session end for collect session data to our server. Please help us.