How to convert local recording zoom files into .mp4 , .m4a and m3u ?


Hello i’m using windows zoom c sharp wrapper SDK for developing my application. 

  1. i don’t able to find any service into SDK which can convert later zoom files into .mp4 , .m4a  and m3u

  2. in few case when i end meeting recording will not convert into .mp4 , .m4a  and m3u files it shows double_click_to_convert_01 while i double click getting error message selected file has extension .meetingrec that is not recognized by player

Thank You.



we will auto covert this after meeting end. if convert failed, you can run the zTscoder.exe with your recording folder like this:

zTscoder.exe “x:\x\2018-06-24 15.37.04 xxxxxx 1111111”

please have a try.