How to convert local recording zoom files into .mp4 , .m4a and m3u?

@carson.zoom , any idea how to do this on Linux?



Hi everyone,

If you are looking for the way to convert local recording file on Mac, you may refer to the answer in Does anyone know how to convert local Zoom files on a Mac when the conversion failed?.

You may also refer to the support page for more info:

For those who are still facing issues with the recording conversion process, this component is out of the scope of Zoom Marketplace(in which is this forum for), please contact Zoom support at and one of the Zoom experts will be happy to assist you.

Thank you!

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@carson.zoom Me too have problem with linux recordings. I have another few PC running linux and windows, can I transfer the .zoom file to the other computer and get it converted there?

Hi cwchia,

Thanks for the reply. As this forum is for Marketplace Apps so please contact Zoom support at and one of the Zoom experts will be happy to assist you.


@cwchia @carson.zoom The trick, for linux, is to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/zoom /opt/zoom/zoom --transcoding --path=$DIR

With DIR being the directory of your recording. It can be URLEncoded, but is not necessary.

It is probably similar for Mac. Just look for the command that is running when you are encoding a file, e.g. the output of the top or ps commands



To anyone on a MAC here is what happened to me…

My first EVER zoom meeting recording and it error’d out and I was stuck with the “.zoom” files and couldn’t get it to recognize my scheduled recording in the app. I needed it to convert and followed the guidance to upload to my Google Drive and then contact support. They told me that due to the current situation, their support is overwhelmed and could not convert it for me.

I really needed the video file and I am going to edit it in Premier anyways so I just need it converted, no real metadata needs to come along with it. So I just tried my hand at this:

1.) Take the “.zoom” files and copied them
2.) Open Zoom and START a new recording
3.) Pause the recording
4.) Go to the LOCAL directory where the recordings are being saved as “.zoom” files
5.) Pasted the OLD “.zoom” files that I needed converted over the top of the newly created ones
6.) Without UNPAUSING the recording, STOP the recording and then end the call
7.) Zoom will start to convert the old files
8.) DONE

Once it was converted, all video and sound was there and I got my one hour video converted.

Not sure if that helps anyone and have not tested this on a WIN machine.


I am not a coder.

I have followed all of the instructions and I still cannot convert my meeting to mp4. Can you please post instructions that can be followed my non technical people???

I need to convert the meeting as I am not able to record it again!!!

I have a PC not MAC.

Thank you

I turns out that I was most probably having low in disk space that caused zoomlinux not to responds. After I deleted several large video files, it is converting now. Thanks

Hi All,
Not a developper but having same problem as many users - Zoom can’t find/convert a recording.

This occured to me when I ran out of disk space while recording.
Later when I looked for my (incomplete) local recording it claimed I had none!! @#%$^#@!
Found my recordings in: C:\Users\cs\Documents\Zoom, you will probably find yours in a similar folder. If not, search for files with *.zoom
You will find a directory named as the record date (for me: C:\Users\cs\Documents\Zoom\2020-05-07 08.46.28 bunch of numbers etc)
In this directory you will find the magical “double_click_to_convert_01.zoom” file
Copy this file
Paste this file into your program Zoom directory (mine is: C:\Users\cs\AppData\Roaming\Zoom\bin - you may need Admin rights to see and/or do this) Also, not sure but, you may need to do this with the second “double_click_to_convert_02.zoo file” Not sure because the next step doesn’t use it?
Go to the Zoom\bin directory where the files are located
Now click ONCE on the double_click_to_convert_01.zoom file and DRAG it onto zTscoder.exe file. This should start the conversion process
This seemed to work for me - my computer is currently blowing hot air everywhere and “converting”
GL to you too (Zoom should really put out a guide for users on this problem, this isn’t really the correct thread/forum)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the reply. As this forum is for Marketplace Apps and I have no insight regarding the issue you are facing, so please contact Zoom support at and one of the Zoom experts will be happy to assist you.


i’m using windows zoom, i just copy all local recording zoom files. and then I start another meeting and i record it. when the files of current meeting appear in my directory, i paste local recording zoom files before. and then i ended the meeting. the files from first meeting is converted automatically

We used Zoom for our family and friends to ‘attend’ our wedding this saturday, however, the laptop was closed before the local recording finished saving…is there anyway to recover the meeting?!

Dear all,

Tried the steps in WIndows and this works also great. Thnx!!! Better then the SDk because that made a mes of my complete Zoominstallation.


Zoomsupport, this is a very friendly way to convert double click files perhaps you make a manual for this. It’s working for Windows and Mac.

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YOU ARE AMAZING! You save my bacon today!

I posted last week on what was very user friendly on how to do this from my experience. I work in IT and know how to use SDKs but I prefer the method I did to get these files converted. Check it out and give it a like if it works for you so that maybe someone at Zoom sees and makes this WAY easier for everyone having troubles. Thanks and good luck.

Thank you very much for this procedure. I thought that I had lost 4 very important recordings and I was able to recover them in minutes. Prior to this, I’d been waiting for three weeks for Zoom to respond back to me. (I used your procedure on a Windows machine.)

Thank you!

Works great, thanks!

This worked 100%. I loved the hack. I’m far away from a developer but just wanted to say thanks. Cheers Rodolfo, from Argentine

HEY CARSON, HELP ME PLEASE. I made a big mistake and I lost my local recording , they have not finished to download and they still have .zoom extension .

Please , please help me …