How to create a participant bot that can display a website/embed/image in place of its camera view

Hi all,

I have an odd requirement I am unable to solve. I want to have a persistent website share in my meetings (timer and shared task list) but I can’t use screen share because in live stream view (which is what I am using) screenshare always goes large and me the presenter very small. I want them equal or ideally reversed and I figured if I can add what I need as another participant that would be perfect.

I see that is is possible since these guys are doing it App Marketplace
And don’t mind doing some programming myself and then release it as an app to the market if someone can point me in the right direction on where to get more information on how to proceed.

Or can I do something like that by joining from the phone? When I tried that and did screenshare invariably the screenshare took over the screen again.

The options listed here on side by side screenshare only affect the in zoom meeting view and have no effect on the live stream view that always makes the screen large.

Thank you for your ideas and consideration

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