How to create multiple meetings and get streams

How to create multiple meetings and get a stream

Hello. Sorry for my poor English.

I’m trying to develop a system to manage and monitor multiple meetings.
The outline of the system is that the administrator will divide the participants into several groups and monitor the situation for each group.

I’ve heard that we can’t get a stream from a breakout room, so I’m trying to create new meetings with as many groups as there are, and get a stream of each group’s meetings from there, and monitor them.
I’m aware that to do this, a user with a Pro license must host and open the meeting.
To implement this, if the administrator of the system has a Pro license and the participants only have a basic license:

  1. create as many users with Pro licenses as there are groups
  2. create as many meetings as there are groups with the created users as hosts
  3. add participants as members of the new meetings
  4. set up the stream destination
  5. the host exits the conference.
  6. delete the user with the newly created Pro license

Is it possible to get the stream for each group in this process?
If so, do I need a Pro license for the number of meetings I want to open?
Since creating and deleting a new user each time is tedious, is there a better way to do this?

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Hi @Dachi,

Thanks for reaching out about this—as long as you have Pro licenses for the number of hosts you have, this should work.

You can get the stream for each meeting—you can find more details here:

You can also start a Livestream via API:

If you want to automate this further, you can manage users and their licenses programmatically as well:
Create/Delete Users

Update User Settings (add/remove license)

Let me know if this helps,

Thank you.

I’ve figured out that this process works correctly and I needed more than one professional license.

This will be useful for future development.

Best regards,

Glad you’ve got it figured out! :slight_smile:

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