How to enable always show meeting controls programmatically

Want to always display meeting control when the participant is already in the call?
Well, the participant can do that manually from the meeting settings screen but would like to do using the MobileRTCMeetingSettings class before the call starts or the user joins the call.

Which version?

Hey @rituraj_zoom,

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You can show the meetingControlBar temporarily this code:
[[[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService] showMeetingControlBar];
However, there is no way to always show it, similar to the setting in meeting settings.


Hi Michael - Any chance this capability could be added to the mobile SDKs through an enhancement request?

It would be great if the capability optionally honored the account-level “Always show meeting control toolbar” configuration setting.

Hey @j-dev,

Thanks for the suggestion! I will inform the team that this is a desired feature.


@Michael_Condon I just wanted to give a “+1” to this feature request. It would be great to have the ability to always show the meeting controls, since this would provide a better user experience for our app when joining a meeting. Thanks!

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I have submitted a request for this feature, and will let the team know more people are asking for this.


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Hi Michael - Any update on this feature request?

Hi @j-dev,

No updates on this yet. We will need to follow up internally and get back to you.


Hey @EricB, @j-dev, and @rituraj_zoom,

Have you tried toggling the Always show meeting control toolbar setting from within your Zoom Web Portal?


We sure have. The mobile SDKs don’t seem to honor that setting.

Hey @j-dev,

Awesome, thank you for verifying.