How to enable "Show join info on registration confirmation page" feature via API

Zoom has rolled out the new registration flow for our account. We are able to set "Allow host to enable “Show join info on registration confirmation page” for our licenses. We would like to know when this option will be available via the API. We are using the Zoom Meeting API
API to create meetings.


If you use the add meeting registrants API, once you add the registrant (and the registration approval type is not 2) then you should be able to get the join link in the API.

Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I misunderstand you, but our problem is not that we don’t have the join link, but that Zoom forces the meeting attendee to go to their email before they can join the meeting, unless this option is set for the meeting. We would like to be able to programmatically turn that option on for each meeting we schedule. (We have submitted a feature request for this.)