Meeting recordings API returns only one day's recording

We have a meeting that recurs every day for a few days. Each day we record the meetings. The recordings are all visible from the Zoom account page.

I am trying to get the recordings by calling the API (GET /v2/meetings/{meetingId}/recordings). If I use meeting ID, such as 9018282, it is returning the recording for the last day only. If I use the UUID of the meeting I get back a 404 with the message “This recording does not exist.”.

A sample URL for the UUID based calls(I have changed the UUID for privacy reasons):

Am I doing something wrong?

There’s something definitely very wrong with the recordings API or the documentation. In any case, I have found a potential workaround to the problem.

Step 1 - Get all the occurrences of the meeting by calling /past_meetings/{meetingID}/instances.

    "meetings": [
            "uuid": "abcd==",
            "start_time": "2022-02-17T13:22:37Z"
            "uuid": "efgh==",
            "start_time": "2022-02-16T13:05:32Z"

Step 2 - Call the /meetings/{meetingID}/recordings API for each occurrence using its UUID. For example:



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