How to Get confId in order to open Zoom Client

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How to get the confid in the below way? I’m trying to open zoom native client using my code,
I can’t find a way to get the confid using any API…
Note Ignore all other questions related to Client version…etc

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?
Knowing the version can help us to identify your issue faster.

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Hi @isoft_mohammad.abula, thanks for the post.

The URL you’ve provided does contain a confid query parameter, so you should be able to parse that out of the URL. Is there anything related to the usage of that value that you need help with? If so, please provide some additional context around what you’re trying to accomplish and we can help get you moving in the right direction. :slightly_smiling_face:


This code is generated when I tried to take the start URL from Create Meeting API and hit it in the browser. So It’s not my code. I need to open the native zoom client in the same way, si I need to know to get confid parameter value in this way in order to open the native zoom client direct.
So my Code will be like this:
Do you have any API to get confId?
I already opened a clear ticket Id #12971132 for your reference

Hi @isoft_mohammad.abula,

Thanks for confirming that you are using the REST API. In order to determine if there is a better REST endpoint to get the information you’re looking for, you will be able to find that information by opening a topic over in the #api-and-webhooks category.


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