How to get the calendar meetings or events by meeting api or webhook

I want to get the event list from my calendar,but the meetings api is not return non-meetings event. How to do this using android meeting sdk ,rest api or webhooks?

Hi @xbwang2-zoomdev
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Have you taken a look at our Events endpoints:

We have a specific List events endpoint:

hi @elisa.zoom
Thanks for your replay.

I want to get the calendar event from google calendar such as the image like. but events api also return empty.

← 200 (527ms)

Hi @xbwang2-zoomdev
Did you pass any query parameters in your request?

hi @elisa.zoom
when i pass “host” to role_type, the result is 403

when i pass “attendee” to role_type, the result is empty.

This my meeting sdk app scopes,but i can’t find “zoom_events_basic:read:admin” scope.

Ah I see.
The reason why you can not see the scope zoom_events_basic:read:admin is because SDK apps are user level but you should be able to access the List events endpoint with the scope zoom_events_basic:read

Hi @elisa.zoom ,Thinks for you replays.
But the event api still cann’t work for me.

This is my google calendar.

This is zoom mac os client , it can get the calendar event from google calender.

but when i call event api from my zoom sdk app, the result is empty.

Hi @xbwang2-zoomdev
When you say zoom sdk app, is this a video SDK app? or what app are you using?


It’s a meeting sdk app, and i use android sdk in this applicaiton.

Hi @xbwang2-zoomdev
Thanks for sharing that with me.
I think you are probably using the wrong endpoint.
To get the personal meeting for your user, you should be calling Get meetings endpoint, not events

Can you please try with that endpoint ?

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