How to know when host ask to start video

Currently in my project if host ask to user start video then my iOS app automatically start user video but i want to ask for permission from user to start his/her video.

Basically i want to ask if there is any callback or observer or notification on user side that will inform in my app that host is asking to start your video and not start user video automatically.

Like in android we have “onHostAskStartVideo” notification, so what is the replacement of this notification in iOS SDK.

Hey @yadav.rajat

Good to see you again!

The function you are looking for is onSinkMeetingVideoRequestUnmuteByHost in MobileRTCVideoServiceDelegate.



we are using the same delegate but onSinkMeetingVideoRequestUnmuteByHost is not getting triggered when host asks to start the video.
Does this callback require us to implement custom UI for zoom meeting? We simply want to get notified whenever host asks user to start / unmute video.

We are also supporting iOS 11 hence we can not use async calls.

Here is our code for reference,

 extension ZoomService: MobileRTCVideoServiceDelegate {

        func onSinkMeetingVideoRequestUnmute(byHost completion: @escaping (Bool) -> Void) {
            print("request to unmute function not getting called")