How to obtain the root call log id?

To obtain the root call log ID on an Android device, you typically need root access, which involves bypassing security restrictions to gain privileged control over the operating system. However, it’s important to note that rooting a device can void warranties and potentially expose it to security risks. Once rooted, you can access the call log database directly through a file explorer or use specialized apps designed for rooted devices to retrieve the call log ID.

Hi all, I have escalated this for fresh visibility (ZSEE-125976). Waiting for update from the respective engineering team.

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Hi All, I had to make a feature request for the new endpoints to accept the historical alphanumeric call id (ZSEE-126421). Request is pending review.

Hi @gianni.zoom - thank you for submitting the new feature request. I believe we were hoping the new endpoints would also accept the numeric (not alphanumeric) call_id to retrieve a call log. ex: 1111222233334444555

As the description of the old endpoint stated: “callLogId” = both callLogId and callId can be used as path parameters.

Can you please verify which was submitted?

Thank you!

Hi @ddesimone , thank you for catching that! I mis-wrote in my response. The feature request (ZSEE-126421) has the correct request.

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