How to test in-client auth

How can I test the in-client auth flow? Usually to test an app I use the “Testable URL” or the “Test the App Locally” button, but both of those take me to the browser auth flow before opening the app in the Zoom Client. Is there a way to install the app without doing the browser auth flow first?

Hi @bridger!

So, there are two ways to test in-client auth:

  1. with two users - the user who has the app installed can send an invitation to the participants in the meeting. Other participants (who don’t have the app) get an invitation, open and it will trigger the authentication flow

  2. with one user: user who has the app can start a meeting, send an invitation to all participants, remove the app through the marketplace, and open the app using an invitation in the meeting chat.

Thanks @evgeny.balashov ! Those methods worked for me.

At first I was getting an error, “You are not allowed to use this app in guest mode. Please contact the app developer for more details.” but that was fixed by using the terminal command to enable guest mode locally. Zoom Developer Docs