I am developing a kind of edtech web application and looking for Zoom API integration

I am developing a web based edtech platform with mobile browser support for both android and ios. Now for hosting an online training I am thinking to use zoom. currently I am using opentok but their services are not up to the mark. The intend client base is from Nigeria so you can imagine low internet bandwidth. So I need your comments based on the same and following the below mentioned high level requirements. Also guide me from where I can calculate the pricing for the api to consume. Many thanks in advance.

  1. Video call where a trainer can host a training and hundreds of participants can attend the same. The experience will be same as zoom meeting video conference.

  2. Within training chat option

  3. screen share for everyone

  4. Mute unmute

  5. audio/video on off

  6. participants list

  7. call auto recording and saving the same.

  8. Low internet bandwidth support like in 512 kbps.

  9. One to one chat and audio or video call within the chat.

  10. Mobile responsive to have all these above mentioned features within Android and iOS both.

This is little urgent so your quick response will be highly appreciated.

@sasanka I would start by exploring the zoom meeting sdks (Zoom Meeting SDK for web) I think your use case should be handled here.

iOS SDK: Zoom Meeting SDK for iOS
Android SDK: Zoom Meeting SDK for Android

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