I am facing wrong redirect url issue while connecting zoom with wordpress

I am facing a wrong redirect URL (4700) error issue while connecting Zoom with wordoress even I have checked my URL is correct.

Hi I have been facing the same. Please let me me know, as i also want to do it for indir minecraft apk wordpress website.

don`t know how to fix it waiting for support agent @support

Hi, make sure that your URL is also added in the allow list
@hoosain.azeem9 @tariqdevelops

can you share any screenshot or something

facing same issue after add redirect url in allow list as well

Hi @hoosain.azeem9
Make sure to add your redirect url in the allow list as well

i have added this in allow list as well. but still same issue

Please reach out to the Wordpress support team about this issue @hoosain.azeem9
As we did not develop the app you would have to reach out directly to them

issue is from side not plugin side. they have clearly ptovided redirect url . you should contact me personally and check is there any issue in my zoom app. i am non technical person.

If you have added the redirect url in your redirect URL for oauth and in your allow list, and they are exactly the same, you should not be getting this error.
Again, to troubleshoot this issue you will have to reach out to wordpress support since we did not develop this integration.