I don't want to use leaveurl on meeting end (Meeting End without refreshing page due to data loss)

Tested this workaround and it “works” until this bug is triggered: SDK 1.8.5 - Zoom component try to reconnect after leaving a meeting instead of closing

Then if you happened to have changed the url you will get redirected again to the leaveUrl causing your whole app to reload. Caused by a 3 sec timeout :man_shrugging:

I see. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next update with a fix to see if it works then.

Struggling with the same here.
My only workaround is to navigate to a loading page and try to save where the user wanted to go which kinda results in a bad UX

Hey @Safwen, @daniel2, @mfcoxo,

Stay tuned for 1.8.6. :slight_smile:


Hi @tommy … I want to ask … When i refresh page or reopen tabs on browser … I get the duplicate participant with the same name, username, and email … How can i prevent this situation?

Hey @samuelsusanto789,

The reason this is happening is because on page load you are probably initiating and joining the meeting with Web SDK, for probably the same user, so they show up twice.

With your current logic, if the page is refreshed, rather than another tab being opened, the old user will be disconnected from the Zoom meeting in a few minutes once Zoom detects they are no longer active, so the duplicate participant will no longer show.

Does that make sense? :slight_smile:


@tommy That’s right but still needs a few minutes … I just worry … I have webinar account for 1000 participants… The real participant will be join 900… The concern is if each user refresh their pages and total participants will be increase and reach the limit before inactive user disappear by zoom

Hey @samuelsusanto789 ,

To prevent this, you could have a button on your site that users have to press to be admitted to the meeting. In the case that the page is reloaded, don’t automatically join them back into the meeting, make them click the join button again. You can see the Angular Sample App for an example of this flow.


May be an inspiration for others :
For anyone who’s struggling with the leave URL for me at least temporarily I refactored to open zoom in another window and made some rules to close the window if user hits leave or any other rules for that sake.

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Thanks for sharing this @Safwen ! :slight_smile: This is a good way to handle it.