I need a JWT Token

I need a JWT token to add to my tutor platform

Zoom support said I can not have one because my developer not registered with Zoom marketplace?

YoCoach is the program, I have purchased it from them and want to integrate Zoom for the live classes

I need an API key, API secret, and JWT Token to set it up.

Please help and reply in simple terms, thanks.

Hi @britlingo,

Welcome to the community!

JWT tokens can be obtained by following the instructions here.

  1. Visit App Marketplace
  2. Navigate to Develop > Build App
  3. Click ‘Create’ under JWT
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to populate your app’s information.
  5. Under ‘App Credentials’, find your app key and secret
  6. From this page you can also generate your own JWT token.


Thanks for pointing them in the right direction @alexmayo :slight_smile:

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