I would like to know the current review status as I have not received a response for a long time

Thank you for your help.
I updated the app in September and was receiving responses every three days, so
In order to pass the review, I responded to Notes and reapplied, but since September 19th I have not received a reply and am currently waiting for a reply.
I am having trouble because there are users who are waiting for the app to be updated, what should I do?
Thank you.

Hi Masaki,

I’d be happy to help and check on the status of your submission. In order for me to do so, can you please share the name of your app as it comes in your submission?


Thank you for your reply, Virginie.
The name of the app is “CaLabo Agent for Zoom.”
Thank you.

Hey team,

Apologies about the delay in reviewing your app submission. I just checked its status and we are now ready to move forward with it.


Same, I was accustomed to receiving regular responses to my queries every three days. However, in my recent attempt to pass the review process after addressing the feedback received on my Notes, I have not received any replies. This lack of communication has left me in a state of uncertainty, especially considering there are users eagerly awaiting the updated app.

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I’m facing challenges as users eagerly await the inshot app update. What steps should I take to address this situation? Your guidance is appreciated. Thank you.