ICameraController can't work

I try to use “ICameraController” to control camera behavior in meeting.
I do it by follow steps:
1:Start or join a meeting.
2:Get the “ICameraController *” interface as “pCtrl”
3:click a button and call “pCtrl->BeginZoomOut()”
4:Start a Timer(500ms duration), and in the timer call “pCtrl->ContinueZoomOut()”
5:click another button call “killTimer, pCtrl->EndZoomOut()”
result: Seems nothing happened, but all the return value is SUCCESS.
The same behavior to others camera functions.(BeginXXX ContinueXXX EndXXX)
But, the “ZoomRooms” control camera worked fine,

Which version?
OS:win10 17134

hi zhurm,
Thanks for your feedback. Now we just support to control fewer types of cameras of Windows SDK. We plan to do some enhancement in camera control. we will keep your update.