Identifying web-site-logged-in users in web-site-integrated Zoom without Zoom account?

  • Zoom is integrated into a log-in required web site.
  • There are two user types: Performer and Audience
  • Both types of users are required to be logged-in to the web site.
  • But Audience don’t have Zoom account. Only Performers have.
  • Performers starts the Zoom Meeting - with Zoom account.
  • Audience are invited to join to the Meeting - without Zoom account.

How to display Audience users in the integrated Zoom, based on their web-site-registered name - instead of anonymous?


Hey @b.ricsi,

Are you using the Web SDK? If so, you can set their names when calling the ZoomMtg.join function.

Another solution would be registering the audience, and they will receive a unique join link to join the meeting and have their name displayed. A Zoom account is not required.

More about meeting registration here:


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Thank you Tommy, I’ll give it a try.

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:


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