Implement Virtual Backgrounds in Linux

I agree. I’m the same as wschm - 20.04.3 (on hard disk) brand new core i5 processor. Camera goes black. Please fix this as I live my life on Zoom and Linux.

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This last week, I was delighted to find that background blur started working in Zoom on ubuntu 20.04 without a green screen. No joke: I was waiting over two years for this feature to make it from Windows. I was happily able to host a couple of meetings using it. Unfortunately, after a reboot, I am getting the same bug as a few others have found: having background blur enabled either gives a black screen when you start a meeting, or will freeze your camera image if you enable it after entering a meeting. :frowning:

Did anyone find any fix?

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Blur isn’t even an option for me, it just gives me a few basic virtual background images and when I select one, nothing happens.

Same error here on Ubuntu 22.04 Dell Precision 7560. Sometimes it works but often it just displays a black screen.