In Zoom chat, how do you return to lock on Everyone?

When you send a message Directly to a specific person, Zoom locks the person in so that after sending a message, the default target is that person, not Everyone. How do you unlock this mode so that Everyone becomes the default again?

Greetings, @senanusmanikk7,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. Can you share more details about the behavior you are seeing ? Is this happening inside of a meeting or with the client? Screenshots or an example video reproducing the behavior and a description of the exact steps would help diagnose what may be happening.


Just choose “everyone” from the dropdown and send a message. Everyone will stick from that moment on.

However, if you get a private message from a person, Zoom will default to that person and you have to change manually to “everyone”.

If you are the host, you can control who can chat with whom by clicking “More …” in the chat window, and selecting the desired option of “Participants can chat with”

See also the relevant Zoom help article

Hey @Edward_Saif,

In the Web SDK, you should be able to select who you want to send the message to:


Is that not working?


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sorry I’m not understand what you wanna deliver, can you please elaborate more?


@Edward_Saif I think I’m confused on what you’re looking to accomplish. Are you have issues switching who you are chatting with or who participants can chat with? Are you able to share a video of the issue you’re seeing?

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