Incoming audio, but not video, cuts out during calls (Teams and Zoom)

On a fairly regular basis, when in video calls with either Teams or Zoom, I’ll experience about 5-10 seconds where:

  • I receive no incoming audio at all
  • I receive incoming video during this period
  • Most of the time, my outgoing audio and video is fine

Teams reports that I have a high packet loss rate during these periods, but no other activity on my system, or the video stream, appear to be affected. It seems to exclusively hit audio.

I’ve investigated this many times, and never found any indication as to what the problem might be. Does anyone have any thoughts?

My system is connected via a wired connection. Recent results for the curious.

Hey @abdulahad74854,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Are you using the Zoom SDK or the Zoom Windows Application?


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