Inconsistent response from registrant re-approval API depending on platform


Im building an API which is successfully registering a user on a webinar, and successfully allowing them to cancel the registration. However when it comes to re-approving the user on the webinar, I get a 204 response but the user is NOT approved. Not only do they not get notified but the webhook doesnt fire and they are still in the denied/blocked area. However, whilst that call is made from PHP curl, if I make exactly the same call from Postman, it works! Yet the cancellation API call which is the same call with the approve/cancel difference works every time.

I can see both requests are logged in the call log, both show a 204 response but one works and one doesnt.

Ive spoken to support. theyve run the call successfully at their end but I know the call works because I can run it from Postman but the exact same data posted from php curl is getting the exact same response status but no action.

I think the only differences between the calls are a cookie being passed back, and the user agent string, otherwise there is no difference. Support were stumped. Has anyone come across this kind of issue before where an approve fails (but reports it success) but a cancel, using the same api call works ?

Edited: is the API call Im referring to



is passed through in postman as a PUT request, it works, if it comes from curl php it doesnt (but swapping approve for cancel works every time!



Hey @tonyb thanks for reaching out!

Can you post your php curl request/code so I can take a look?