Incorrect redirections with Google SSO authentication

Hi Folks,

Here is my situation:

  • I have Oauth implemented for an app which works fine for authorizing the app using my developer account.
  • The developer account is tied to Zoom via Google SSO
  • When I visit my app and try to authorize it to connect to Zoom, I am asked to log into my Zoom account and then post authentication, redirected back to my website’s authorization url.
  • All works as expected.

However, I noticed that when I am logged into multiple Google accounts. The process of authorization breaks and needs to started again. It only succeeds on second attempt.

When I am signed into multiple Google accounts,
– the workflow initially redirects to:
https:// zoom. us/oauth2/login?client_id=XXXXXXX&response_type=code&redirect_uri=my-redirection-url&_x_zm_rtaid=XXXXXXXXX&_x_zm_rhtaid=xxxx

– and ends up on error page (on first attempt):
https:// zoom. us/signin?error=access_denied&_x_zm_rtaid=xxxxxx&_x_zm_rhtaid=xxxxxxx

On second attempt, it works fine.

When I am signed into only one Google account, no issues occur and I am correctly authorized and redirected back to my authorization URL

Has someone faced similar problems? Can someone confirm if this is something related to my implementation or possibly an issue with Zoom’s authentication mechanism?

Thank you.

Hey @kahuja,

I have seen a similar issue, which was resolved by making sure there were no spaces in the authorize and redirect urls.

Please let me know if that helps!


Thanks Tommy.
I have checked my code as well the URI I specified in Zoom App panel - both are correct and without spaces. I do have the redirect URI encoded but when I decode it, I get the correct URI.

Thinking through, if the URI had any issues, it should not work normally when only one Google account is logged into.

Any other suggestions?

Hey @kahuja,

True, can you attach a video of this issue so I can send it to our engineers?


I was making the video, but the issue vanished! Retried a number of times, including on different browsers but I am unable to replicate it.

If it recurs, I will get you the video in this thread.

Thanks for looking into this, Tommy.

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Thanks @kahuja! Glad it is working! :slight_smile: