OAuth login with Google

I have an account app (http://mywebsite.com) that allows users to push a button to Authorize the app to use their Zoom account. In development, I am using http instead of https. When I click on the Authorize app button and then sign into Zoom with Google, I get the following error:

“Invalid redirect: https://mywebsite.com/zoomredirect does not match one of the registered values: [http://mywebsite.com, http://mywebsite.com/zoomredirect] (4,700)”

However, if I push the Authorize button on my app a second time then I am able to authorize my app through Google login.

Why do I get the error message?

We enforce https during the redirect process. Since these are secure tokens we always want them to go over https. Saying that, are you using the “test URL” or the “Install URL”. I am asking because I think we should allow the “Test URL” (development) to allows http if it is in the whitelist.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

I am using the test or development url. Technically, I guess it allows http just not the first time I click on the authorize button.