Incorrect responses in Get past meeting participants API

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Get past meeting participants

In API document, Get past meeting participants API responses participant’s display_name in field. However, API seems to response participant’s full_name. (at least not display_name)


How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Request GET /past_meetings/{meetingId}/participants
2. Check the response
3. participant’s full name is responsed in field

Hi @daiki.murakami
Thanks for reaching out to us
let me take a look at this and will get back to you with an update shortly

Hi @daiki.murakami
Thanks for your patience here.
I did some testing on my end and it looks like I am getting the display name on my response.
Sometimes it happens to be the full name of the user if that is how they have it set up in their account

Thanks for your response.
I confirmed the user, and I noticed display_name of the user is the same of the response of Get past meeting participants API.
However, in the video of the meeting, the user displayed in other name and the file name of individual_audio_file is also other name.
I guessed the user changed display_name during or immediately after the meeting.

  • before meeting
    • user change display_name A to B
  • during meeting
    • user join the meeting as B → user is displayed as B in video and name of individual_audio_file is also B
  • after meeting
    • user change display_name B to A
  • after recording
    • we use Get past meeting participants API and get A

Can this happen?

Hi @daiki.murakami
I do not think this could happen, specially since user changed the display name after the meeting.
In the Get past meeting participant response, you will get the display name with the one they joined

Hello @elisa.zoom

I see this could not happen.
Then, what is the cause of this response?
I confirmed that the user’s display_name had not changed from A until the meeting ended, and the user’s display_name was B in Sep 8.
I also confirmed Get past meeting participants API responsed B in Sep 8 and when the meeting ended.

If you needed, I’ll check with the host of the meeting to see if it’s okay to share uuid of the meeting.

Hi @daiki.murakami
It is an interesting case.
Is this happening with all meetings or it just happened with this specific instance?
If this is happening with all meetings, please share some specific examples with me so I can troubleshoot this

Hi @elisa.zoom
This issue happened with specific instance.

Thank you

If you have the complete logs, I am happy to look into it @daiki.murakami
Otherwise, I would recommend you keep an eye on the issue and if it happens again grab the logs for me.
This is not the expected behavior