Participants and participant_audio_files have different name

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

  • GET /past_meetings/{uuid}/participants
  • GET meetings/{uuid}/recordings
  • recording.completed event

It has been a long time since I created a topic before, so I re-created it again.
In some meetings, I receive different names when using the GET /past_meetings/{uuid}/participants API and the GET meetings/{uuid}/recordings API.


  • Zoom Meeting ID: 94403058***
  • Zoom Meeting UUID: juLYeMBRTZW1tOsd/ZR***==
  • participants (response of GET /past_meetings/{uuid}/participants)
    • [{‘id’: ‘8kk5hlnLRNC2nkFD2i4***’, ‘user_id’: ‘16778***’, ‘name’: ‘participant_a’, ‘user_email’: ‘’, ‘join_time’: ‘2024-04-08T07:00:22Z’, ‘leave_time’: ‘2024-04-08T07:10:52Z’, ‘duration’: 630, ‘registrant_id’: ‘’, ‘failover’: False, ‘status’: ‘in_meeting’}, {‘id’: ‘’, ‘user_id’: ‘16787***’, ‘name’: ‘participant_b’, ‘user_email’: ‘’, ‘join_time’: ‘2024-04-08T07:00:32Z’, ‘leave_time’: ‘2024-04-08T07:10:54Z’, ‘duration’: 622, ‘registrant_id’: ‘’, ‘failover’: False, ‘status’: ‘in_meeting’}]
  • participant_audio_files (part of response of GET meetings/{uuid}/recordings)
    • [{‘id’: ‘3e032bfd-5fd9-49a0-8d6b-53bbe8083***’, ‘recording_start’: ‘2024-04-08T07:00:22Z’, ‘recording_end’: ‘2024-04-08T07:10:55Z’, ‘file_name’: ‘Audio only - participant_c’, ‘file_type’: ‘M4A’, ‘file_extension’: ‘M4A’, ‘file_size’: 10069632, ‘play_url’: ‘', ‘download_url’: '’, ‘status’: ‘completed’}, {‘id’: ‘4d7510d7-4a63-4039-a2d1-74558ff22***’, ‘recording_start’: ‘2024-04-08T07:00:22Z’, ‘recording_end’: ‘2024-04-08T07:10:55Z’, ‘file_name’: ‘Audio only - participant_a’, ‘file_type’: ‘M4A’, ‘file_extension’: ‘M4A’, ‘file_size’: 10069632, ‘play_url’: ‘', ‘download_url’: '’, ‘status’: ‘completed’}]

In the Get past meeting participants API, the participants are listed as participant_a and participant_b. However, in the participant_audio_files, the participants are listed as participant_a and participant_c. I have been unable to determine the cause of this discrepancy. Could you please investigate this issue in the meeting?

This issue is the same as the one described in the link below.


How To Reproduce
I couldn’t reproduce but this sometimes happens.

Since a month has passed, I bring this up again.
We have received many inquiries at our company related to this matter, so we would appreciate if someone could respond.