Increase Limitation

Hi :slight_smile:
We recently encountered an issue concerning case creation times. Although we managed to resolve the problem by downloading the relevant processes on the case, we find ourselves operating precariously close to the limit. As it stands, Zoom’s limit is 10.2 seconds, and our case was created within a 9-second window.

Given this circumstance, we believe it would be beneficial to consider increasing the limit on your end. An adjustment to align it with Salesforce’s 20-second limit might be a viable solution.

Our cases, as well as those from other large companies, often involve complex logic. As we anticipate adding more logic in the future, we fear the current time limit might cause the chat to crash again.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and any potential solutions to this issue.

Hi @dor.sharabi currently the runtime timeout of the ZCC Script widget is 10 seconds. A feature request was recently submitted to increase this to 20 seconds, this is being reviewed by our product team. If there are any plans to change this, I can post back here.

In the meantime, one solution would be to use multiple Script widgets if multiple API calls are being placed inside the Script widget.