Inquiry about account creation

My company has already purchased a ZoomMeeting license and is using it.
I have seen the notes below on creating a new account to use the Customizable SDK.

“You can not access the Fully Customizable SDK using your existing account if it is already enrolled in a free-trial plan, Pro plan or higher plans. You must sign up for a new account to enroll in the Fully Customizable SDK plan.”

When I sign up now, I have two options: account consolidation and email change.
If I choose to consolidate accounts, I think I will be part of an existing Zoom meeting group.
In this case, can’t I use the Customizable SDK, and should I use an account other than the company account?

Hi @jklee, thanks for the post.

When you create a new account for the Fully Customizable SDK, it will need to be a completely different account than that of your existing account. I am not familiar with the options you are seeing though, are you trying to use the same email address as your regular account?