Integrate Zoom Reports in DWH by SSIS using CData Rest Connector


Hello !

I have to integrate Zoom reports of my company to DWH (Sql Server) ,

We have CData Rest connector in SSIS ( )

I don’t similar to work with OAuth and REST ,

I have to fill many fields:

I have key and secret of our company, but no idea how to get client id and client secret ,

and which of OAuth fields I have to fill .

Thanks !!



Hi @lgelman,

To get the OAuth client ID and Secret, you can go to login and see under App credentials section.
Here is documentation on how to locate it the keys -


Thanks ! But I have integrative component , I can’t register it in marketplace, I found workaround generating JWT token and call API by C# code…


Hi @lgelman,

We’re glad that you were able to find a workaround. We also wanted to let you know that within the coming months you will be able to create apps using JWT within our marketplace.