Integration using JWT causes meetings/webinars to appear as hosted by admin


We are in the process of integrating Zoom with EthosCE, a learning content management system owned by Cadmium.

The LCMS needs to have the ability to create Zoom meetings and webinars and to access information relating to attendance and participation.

The standard approach for EthosCE to perform this integration is via a JWT app that we create. We have done this, including webhooks that EthosCE can access relating to the start and end of meetings and webinars. (We understand that according to your documentation, JWT is scheduled to be deprecated by Zoom.)

Our concern is that when meetings and webinars are created through EthosCE, meeting invitations and reminders appear as coming from my account. (I am the administrator who created the JWT.)

We are looking for a secure approach to this integration that will not necessarily show me or any other administrator as the host. For obvious reasons, we are hesitant to create a pseudo-user and grant them elevated permissions.

Thank you for posting a Zoom Developer Forum – I am happy to help here. As mentioned, the JWT app type will be deprecated in June, 2023. We recommend that you create Server-to-Server OAuth or OAuth apps to replace the functionality of a JWT app in your account. Based on the details shared, sounds like you may be making a request with me. When meetings and webinars are created through EthosCE, is that platform leverage the me parameter, or is it using the host email calling to create meeting/webinar calls? Is possible for you to share a log demonstrating how the calls to those endpoints are being made through EthosCE?

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