Invalid redirect 4700

Development App “Super Advisor” getting an error when creating a webhook via Make/Integromat. Errors received with a Redirect URL and without a Redirect URL I still received the same error. Tried with of the same apps “Super Advisor (tried with redirect url first then without redirect url), Super Advisor 1.0 (tried with redirect url), Super Advisor 1.1 (tried without redirect url)” - all had the same error

Tried with two different redirect url’s 1) zoom-user and 2) zoom administration

Invalid redirect: (4,700)

One of our testers also had this error message: {“message”:“The request failed due to failure of a previous request.”,“code”:“SC424”,“suberrors”:[{“message”:“Token not found.”,“name”:“Error”}]}

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
*1. Error - Zoom{redirect url}&response_type=code&state={responsetype}
*2. OAuth, Super Advisor (user-managed), Super Advisor 1.0 (account-level), Super Advisor 1.1 (user-managed)
*3. invalid redirect 4,700

Hi @superadvisorai
Thanks for reaching out to us
can you please make sure that you are adding your redirect URL to the allow list in your application?

Thank you! This worked!

Great news! @superadvisorai
Feel free to reach out to us in the future if there is anything else we can do for you!