Invalid Signature with Sample Web App

Hello @aokirihito,

I was earlier on Zoom Pro account and I cancelled my Pro account on May 26.
After that customers started facing the issue of “Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again”.

I purchased the Pro plan again on Jun 29 and this issue got solved. Please make sure your account (with which the JWT token is created in zoom marketplace) is at least on Pro account.

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Thank you for your attention
I’ll try it

Thanks again

Hey @aokirihito,

Did @deepak2’s suggestion fix the issue?


Hello everyone,
I have been working for some time to integrate Zoom Web SDK in my application. The error I am currently experiencing is: << Signature is invalid. >> and the console displays:
“method”: “join”,
“status”: false,
“result”: “Invalid signature.”,
“errorMessage”: “Signature is invalid.”,
“errorCode”: 3712
For more information:

  • I’m using the JWT App Type Credentials for the API_KEY and API_SECRET;
  • I have created a meeting with number: *********** and password: 1001;
  • The signature which is generated is: “”;

*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

Hey @kiyser,

How are you generating your signature? From the looks of it, that meetingID has not been started.



I am trying to use the sample web app from github zoom/sample-app-web/tree/master/Local

1 - i replaced the API key and API secret
2 - i generated a JWT token using the API key and API secret on and tested the token successfully on various Postman Zoom API calls
3 - i generated a signature using the github zoom/websdk-sample-signature-node.js app and an existing meetingid from my user account
4 - i generated that signature using an existing meeting id and tried for role 0 & 1

Unfortunately i’m getting an invalid signature error every time i try to test the sample app using the described steps above.

Can you please me help understand what am i doing wrong? Is it a timezone issue generating the signature? I’m currently testing and developing on a GMT+2 time zone and the Zoom meeting was created with a Los Angeles timezone.

Thank you.

Hey @rackermann,

Please share your Web SDK signature so I can debug it.


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Hi @tommy,

This is the latest signature that i used for testing on an existing meeting with role 1:

Thank you.

Hey @rackermann,

After base64 decoding your signature, you have the string copy at the end of your JWT Key. Please double check you are setting the correct API Key.


Thank you, very much @tommy! Cheers!
The demo is working now. I’ve copied that key so many times in so many places and in the most important one i didn’t see the “copy” string. :frowning: :zipper_mouth_face:

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:

Happy to hear you got it working!


I’ve read through this whole thread, fixed what was suggested, and still seem to be getting the “invalid signature” error.
I downloaded the sample app, and pasted into index.js the API Key and Secret.
I am using my own permanent Meeting ID and password
But am getting this error.
Not other changes made to the code base of the sample app, which i am access via Firefox as per URL:
and then

Is it safe to paste my signature code here for your review, @tommy ?

Thanks so much

Hey @coda,

Please create a new topic and fill out the post template so we have enough info to help. :slight_smile:

Also yes, you can share your signature here, just make a test meeting with a randomly generated meeting ID.


Hi Tommy,
We are using JWT token, API key and secret key, generating Signature. When we test our application (From a machine in India) the system works as expected. However when the Zoom verification team(In United States) tries to test the same feature, they get the Invalid Signature Error.

Have also logged request with Zoom dev support. Can share further details to help the support team analyze the issue.

Hey @ashutosh,

Can you please share a Web SDK signature from a test meeting that is having this issue so I can help debug? :slight_smile:


Am getting this error

Hey @academy.smartfx,

Please create a new topic here: #web-sdk and fill out the post template so we have enough info to help. :slight_smile:


Hi Tommy,


URL being hit by zoom verification team.

Hey @ashutosh,

Can you please email a link to this thread and the account # of the JWT App owner to We will be able to better assist you there since we need some additional private information. :slight_smile:


Thanks Tommy,
Have created a support request for sharing all the information - 7992591 (

You can please liaise with Will to see if he needs your inputs.