[Ionic] Customize Zoom Bottom Toolbar Button


  1. Is it possible to display the meeting room (the video stream) NOT in full screen?
  2. It is possible to hide the bottom toolbar. But is it also possible to add a custom buttons on the screen (ideally outside the video stream) which mimic the functionality of some buttons from the toolbar?
  3. More or less the same question as above, is it possible to add a custom look for the toolbar icons?

Which version?
cordova.plugin.zoom: “^4.4.5513-0.712”

Hi schirokos,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Due to the constraints of the Ionic framework, the Custom UI feature that is available in the native Android SDK and iOS SDK is not available in the Ionic SDK. To achieve the cases you are mentioning, you may need to use the native Android SDK or iOS SDK.

Hope this helps. Thanks!