[iOS] How do I know if a virtual background is already setup?

I am using the latest SDK (5.0) on a iphone 11 pro

So far I managed to set a virtual background and change it. Now I am trying to allow the user to remove the virtual background when there is one in place.
Since I couldn’t find a method -(BOOL)isUsingBGImage or something similar, I tried to loop on getBGImageList and check if one is selected.

It looks like this (Swift)

if let bgImageList = meetingService.getBGImageList() as? [ZoomSDKVirtualBGImageInfo],
let _ = bgImageList.first(where: { (info) -> Bool in return info.isSelect }) {

But I am facing a compilation error:

Undefined symbol: _OBJC_CLASS_$_ZoomSDKVirtualBGImageInfo

Can you advise me?


Hi @nicolas.bonnet,

Thanks for the post and the info. We are able to identify an issue with the info provided and we will fix this in the next release.