Is alternative host same as licence from business plan?

Hello everyone,

I’m developing an application where each INSTRUCTOR will be able to create a meeting with other users from the application. To accomplish this, I began investigating the ZOOM API and decided on OAUTH 2.0 for my authorization framework. For my application type, I chose an Account-level app so that I could gather information about each meeting (such as when it started, when it ended, and so on).

During my research, I discovered “alternative_hosts”. However, in order for me to designate an INSTRUCTOR as an “alternative host”, does this imply that I would need to add them to my Zoom account through a license?

Now, my question is: for €189.90, am I allowed to add 10 - 99 INSTRUCTORS to my account, who I can later assign as “alternative hosts”?

Hi @cedo.buric
I am happy to help here!
So basically yes, to be able to assign alternative hosts when creating meetings, the users must be part of the same account. So if you have an account and you ad 50 instructors to your account, then you will be able to assign any of those instructors as alternative hosts

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