Is an app submission required to update URLs?

We’re currently in the process of migrating our infrastructure, and we need to update the URLs for our app. Specifically, this will require an update to our Home URL and Redirect URL for OAuth for both development and production.

Must we go through an app review in order to update these URLs?

This will also affect the OAuth allow list and Domain allow list. However, I’m aware we can update these without a submission (and have done so in the past).

When I asked about the requirements for an app submission or review during the office hours earlier this year, I was told it would only be necessary for major updates such as adding a new API scope, event, or if the core app functionality of the app changed. This doesn’t seem to fit that case, but it’s unclear.

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@kevin.farina & I discussed this privately today. The resolution:

You do have to make an app update request to change the Home URL and/or the Redirect URL for OAuth if the app is published.

If the app is not published then these urls can be updated any time.

I followed up with:

if we update the Production URL what will happen to our published app? Will it use the old URL until approved?

Solution: it will use the old URL until approved.

Thanks for the follow up, @om7 :+1:

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