Is there a 'sign in with Zoom' feature?

Is there any way to link Zoom users to our own users? We have a website where our users can book meetings that will be held via Zoom. We’d like to keep track of user’s attendance via Zoom webhook. We already have a Zoom webhook in place and know who’s joining as Zoom users.

OAuth won’t work for us because we don’t have security measures in place to fulfill Zoom security check list. OAuth would also be overkill for us because we only need Zoom user’s ID to associated with our own users. Is there something like ‘log in with Zoom’, and we get a callback from Zoom with a user ID? Or any way we can achieve this?

We’d very much appreciate your help!

Hi @son.nheo35 ,

You can build a user authorized OAuth app, and select the necessary scopes. Once they authorize the app, they you should be able to make API calls on their behalf. If this is an internal app, it does not need to go through our security review

Hi @ojus.zoom
Thanks for your reply. Do we have to publish our OAuth app? From my understanding, we have to make it publicly available so that our users can authorize. We have created one but got rejected by Zoom security team.
Or do I misunderstand something? I’m not sure what you mean by ‘an internal app’, because our users need to have access.

Many thanks!

If you intend for your app to be used outside of your account then you need to publish the app. If you plan to use it within your account then you dont need to publish it.

Thanks @ojus.zoom, looks like it’s a dead end for us. We only need to connect Zoom users to our own users, OAuth is definitely overkill. We can ask our users to put in their Zoom user ID but that’s unveriable.
Anyway, thanks for your support.