Is there a way to redirect a user prior to joining a webinar?

I have a client that refuses to utilize anything but the Zoom link they are given upon creating a webinar. The generated link is then sent to a list of users and the users solely interact with the link. Due to the users joining the webinar directly with the generated link, we are unable to track their progress on our end.

The desired solution is to allow the client to continue utilizing the generated webinar link alone, but have the link itself redirect users to our platform in order to log in or register with us so we may continue tracking their progress and then redirect them to the webinar upon logging in or completion of their registration.

I see that it’s possible to add authentication to each webinar, but it looks like the authentication is only for a zoom account, and not with an account from another platform. However, there looks to be an SSO option that might help but I’m not too familiar with how Zoom handles SSO and SAML mapping.

Would utilizing SSO/SAML be our best bet, or is there something else we can look into to achieve the desired solution described above?

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