Is there an API endpoint to merge user accounts (user with 2 email addresses in same domain)?

We created SSO accounts for users in our domain. After enabling the domain consolidation process, we now have some duplicate accounts (i.e., user was using a different email address that transferred from some external Zoom account).

The transferred accounts are not licensed but do hold previous recordings and upcoming meetings, so we don’t want to just delete them. We can’t enable SSO logins only because they will no longer be able to log in to the transferred account to access previous recordings and upcoming meetings.

Is there an API endpoint to merge the transferred accounts into the licensed account?

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Hey @ac1918,

We do have an API that can switch a users account, but I am not sure it will accomplish what you are asking.

Have you tried reaching out to to see if there is a way our support team can merge / transfer the data?


Hi @tommy,

Yes, Zoom support was extremely helpful with merging and transferring accounts for us but list keeps growing. I was wondering if there’s some way we could handle these internally so we don’t have to involve support each time.


Hey @ac1918,

Thanks for clarifying, and glad they’ve been able to help! Can certainly appreciate your use case for needing to do this more efficiently—we’ll be happy to raise this internally. I’d also encourage you (if you’re so inclined) to post in our #feature-requests channel too. :slight_smile:


Okay, thanks for the confirmation and recommendation.

@ac1918 No problem! Always happy to help.

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