Issue in ZoomPhone Call events

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Recently, we have release the Zoho - ZoomPhone Integration App Marketplace

We are creating call logs in Zoho based on the call events received from ZoomPhone. Yesterday one of our mutual customer reported an issue, the inbound call was logged as Missed call in Zoho but the call was answered by user. And the root cause of the issue was received the phone.callee_ended event with the handup_result as Answered by Other Member ., And this does not have answer_start_time, based on this property only we are evaluating the duration as we could not evaluate the duration it was considered as Missed.

Could you please clarify the reason for sending the result as Answered by Other Member.?

Note : We received the ended event with result Call Connected with answer_start_time property. But this event was received after the above event, hence it was ignored.

If you need the call id or the payload details, will share those details in DM.


Hi Team ,

Could any one check the above query.?

Generally the Answered by Other happens for call queues that ring all members simultaneously. Once one member answers the call, the other members stop ringing and this is the event that is generated.

The article below details the Get Call Log Data API which shows an example of this.

Thanks for the reply @justin.steinberg

So, the Answered by Other event will be sent to users in the queue expect the user who answered the call.
Is my understanding is right.?

yes. But I believe could also happen if user has multiple devices (e.g. Mac softphone, iPhone softphone, Poly deskphone, etc.) as the webhook events are user+device, you can get one for each device so need to pull all those in and check if you receive any event where the call was answered, then ignore any answered by other messages.