Issue launching Zoom Telehealth Video with link

We are working towards integrating Zoom into our existing EHR system for telehealth. We are able to generate the link as required by following the instructions provided at

We were able to launch the Zoom video window just fine until last week, where the Zoom app would launch and start the meeting just fine. If it were the Provider link, then it would auto login the user as well and start the call and if it were the patient, it would bring up the waiting for host.

While trying the same today, there seems to be an issue where the call / meeting doesn’t get started and brings the user to the Join Meeting / Sign In page inside the App. For telehealth, the users (Patients) do not have any meeting ID and we will be launching using this link generation from inside the portal.


We are not sure what changed that is causing this issue now, where the call doesn’t auto start on launching, both for the patient and provider side. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Just to ensure that the full information is provided, we are checking this on a Linux desktop (Mint version) and it did work until last week for sure and when checking today, doesn’t.

We tested this again today on Windows and Android and on both the link seems to launch the video call directly, the issue seems to be specific to Linux alone for now. Will check on a Mac and see how it behaves there and update.

We did verify with all the other platforms (Windows, Mac, Android etc) and the Telehealth link launches just fine. On Linux, it doesn’t launch the call window. I did take the meeting id that is visible and when I try to join, it asks for a password, which wasn’t set at all for the telehealth call. It definitely appears like an issue in the Linux Zoom app somehow not recognizing the launch parameters.

Hi Sri, 

Since this seems to be more of a platform issue, please open a ticket with our support team at