Issue: track user names after a meeting

Hi @amurph can you send us specific meetingIDs in which this is occurring to We’ll be able to get a better look at your account/meeting info.

Thank you, yes please, its happening in all my meetings

Here are two big ones:

943 7184 7718

937 5893 4509

Thanks @amurph,

Can you let us know which API endpoints / Webhooks are doing this so we can debug?


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Dear @tommy I have a big problem and would really appreciate your help.
I run the ZOOM pro accounts of my college (College of Languages, University of Duhok) and in one of the meetings a student who was using a fake name (without using any email addresses as well) has insulted one of the teachers in chat box which has caused a lot of problems. Is there any possible way to identify the student’s real name or his/her email address or anything else that I can tract to identify him/her?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @zoom.col.el2 ,

Sorry to hear that this happened! Please report this behavior following the steps outlined here and our team will investigate for you:

You can also reach out to our Support Team directly for help with this, and they’ll be able to help.