Issue with app management in multiple admin accounts

I’m having an issue with managing my server to server oauth app.

Specifically, I’ve noticed that when I create an app under my admin account,
another admin account is unable to manage or add the same app to their account.

but I couldn’t find any documentation or support articles addressing this issue.
I’m hoping someone on this forum can help me out.

How To Reproduce
Here’s a breakdown of the steps I’m taking and the issue I’m facing:

  1. I create an app under my admin account .
  2. Another admin account attempts add it to their account.
  3. The webpage responds with ‘Redirect URL is required. (4,700)’

I’ve confirmed that both accounts have the appropriate permissions to manage apps, and I’ve tried logging in and out of both accounts to see if that resolves the issue. However, I’m still unable to manage the app from another admin account.
Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Is there a solution or workaround that I can try?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hello @afirash are both of the accounts being used residing on the same Zoom Account? If its a sub-account it won’t work too please take that into consideration.

Regards, Kwaku

Hello @kwaku.nyante , appreciate the response :slight_smile:

Yes, both “Sign In” are under the same “Account”.

  • The app is being created by “Sign in A”
  • “Sign in B” tries to add/manage

What is a “Sub-account” is it the same as “Sign in” as shown on the /profiles page?

Best, Ali

Hello @afirash Sub-accounts are pretty much explained in the sub divisions of your Zoom Account looking at the account level I don’t believe you have one. So when the other thing we can look at what is the name of the App so I can dig into this further please?

Regards, Kwaku

Hello @kwaku.nyante

The current app is not available to the public and is intended for internal server-to-server communications only.

I have created a test app with a limited scope for testing purposes.

Intend to publish: No
Account-level app
Server-To-Server OAuth

The app is listed on my “created apps” and I would like to share it with other admins who are part of the same “Account”.

Best, Ali

Hello, @afirash depending on the scopes as long as your part of the same account it should be shareable. The only problem I can see is if there is a Sub-Account scope being used it cannot be installed only the Owner account can install it.

Regards, Kwaku