Issue with Poll Creation/Edit in a Webinar in an ISV license

ISV License
This was working earlier. Recently this is failing.

While creating or editing polls during webinar sessions, we are getting the message, “Get poll data failed”. This is happening since last 2 days. We are able to view the list of past polls and launch them, BUT attempting to edit or create a new poll results in an error. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Your prompt attention to resolving this matter is crucial, as polls play a significant role in our webinar activities. With several webinars scheduled for this week, we kindly request expedited resolution.

Hi @zoomisv1 , sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble! If you need expedited support, I recommend using the Premier Developer Support benefit of submitting a ticket given the forum is for community-assisted help. While we try our best to respond to community members, we may not be able to help you resolve in the time that best suits you.