Issue with pulling back participant data immediately after a webinar has ended


I was referred to the forum from a support request that was opened. I have example ID’s/reports that can be provided if needed to showcase the issue.

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)


We have been experiencing intermittent issues with some of our clients using our platform to manage zoom events through our marketplace app, who are reporting that participant data (including attendance duration) is not properly being recorded in the LMS once an event is ended. Since these webinars are for external audiences, the majority of the participants are registered guests.

We’ve investigated the issue, and have identified that the Zoom API is not returning the participant duration data consistently once an event ends.

Our current process is:

  1. Users are registered for the event via API and launched into Zoom at time of meeting using the unique event launch per registered user

  2. When meeting ends, we receive a webhook for event ended.

  3. We then immediately call Zoom with the meeting ID to (or equivalent for meetings) to pull back participants and see who attended, and their duration. Since this call has been inconsistent in getting results right away, we also try again 2-3 minutes later.

  4. Approx 2-3 min later we make another call to the API ( to pull back full participant data. This is used in our system to determine who gets full vs partial credit and to issue certificates.

However step 4 is where we are still seeing a subset of webinars/meetings return participant data that is incomplete (only partial attendance data included). Later in the day if the client runs the report directly in zoom, the data is there, but it is not available within 1-3 minutes after the event. This causes major issues for clients who rely on the automated system to process attendance data and grant users credits automatically. When there is a delay, significant end-user support issues are encountered.

  1. Is this a known issue where results are not available within a short time from when the event ends?

  2. Is there any workarounds or other endpoints or strategies that can be used to ensure we are able to pull accurate data from the Zoom API on who attended and for how long? Waiting a long period (e.g. 30 minutes) does not work due to end user expectations that they can get credit for attending right after an event ends and do not plan to return to the system to take next steps later in the day.

No error, data is just not returned as expected

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
See description above.

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