Single Sign-On / SSO Pre-provisioning / SAML Mapping Query

Hi - I am looking into enabling SSO Pre-provisioning on our Enterprise account but wanted to clarify a piece of the documentation before proceeding (as we have a rather large volume of users which this may potentially impact).

In order to create any users via the User REST API with ssoCreate as the Action, we need to enable Prior to Sign-In as the Provision User setting under our SSO settings. According to the knowledge base article KB0062383 it states: “However, if you do not want Zoom accounts to be automatically created when a user attempts to sign in, you can use pre-provisioning instead and create users via REST API or CSV.”

Am I correct in my understanding (and I’m sure I read this somewhere, but I can’t find it now - sorry) - if you change the Provisioning setting, the only way to create users is via the Users REST API via “ssoCreate” actions, and all the SAML provisioning & mappings are turned off (ie. they cannot co-exist. Its either SAML mapping or Pre-provision)