Jira marketplace app installation errors

Zoom Apps Configuration
Zoom for Jira & Service Desk available in the Atlassian marketplace. Installation for Atlassian Cloud fails with an error.

We followed the instructions in the Zoom documentation to approve the application for installation from our admin console.

Then followed the instructions to install the application in our Jira Cloud instance as an administrator. We received an error installing the application and contacted Atlassian support. They provided us with detailed information on the error and told us to contact the developers of the application.


Issue installing the app

Regarding the issue to install the app Zoom for Jira & Service Desk, I found the following error in our logs:

message: Plugin installation failed: The add-on (zoom-servicedesk) cannot be installed as it is not approved to use the ACCESS_EMAIL_ADDRESSES scope.

Troubleshooting Routes
Followed the documented steps to attempt to install and contacted Atlassian support to ensure there was not an issue in our cloud environment.

How To Reproduce
Login to an Atlassian Cloud Jira instance and attempt to install the application.

Information provided by Atlassian support

To fix the problem, please contact the app developer directly.

What application developers needs to do:

In order for the app developer to resolve they will need to raise a dev help ticket to submit their use case for accessing email addresses and receive approval. See guidelines for requesting approval to access email address.

Hi @astreeter
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I see that you are having issues installing the Jira integration.
Could you please confirm that is this integration: App Marketplace

Hi Elisa,

That is the app from the Zoom Marketplace. The one that I can not install is the add-on required to make it work from within Jira Cloud from the Atlassian Marketplace: Zoom for Jira & Service Desk | Atlassian Marketplace