Join By Computer Audio Not working

Hi @midhilaj,

Which version of our Web SDK are you on? Have you tried upgrading to our latest version to see if this addresses the issue (1.9.0)?



We are using 1.9.0 version and facing this issue consistently. Is there any update?

We are seeing the below error in console:

Hi @midhilaj,

Thanks for confirming. Are you seeing any errors in the SDK UI itself when trying to join via Computer Audio? If so, can you provide a screenshot?

Additionally, please confirm/share the following details so that we can further investigate:

  • OS: iOS, Android
  • Version:
  • Browser: Chrome

Thank you,

Hello. I am new here. I am still facing audio errors. I didn’t get a useful solution. there is anybody who can help me? To solve this error?

@Behang schilderen
here, is any feature in zoom just like team viewer to share or handle someone’s screen?

Hey @larkiawara7,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Please create a new topic for your issue and fill out template. This will ensure that we have enough information to help out with the issue and we keep the solution focused on one topic.


@MaxM can you please provide me the category where I can post my question.

Hey @larkiawara7 ,

You can post it here: #web-client-sdk